10 Secrets For Self Motivation During Stressful Times

Sometimes being your own cheerleader is hard. Here are 10 secrets for self motivation so you can stay on the front lines and manage stress.

With COVID-19 causing everyone to work from home, it’s making some work harder for others especially with the distraction of kids amongst other home life distractions. 

The hardest part is finding the self-motivation to work when one eye is constantly watching the news. 

It’s difficult to figure out a routine when you’re working at home, especially if this is your first time working from home. You don’t have a boss or supervisor making sure you stay on task. 

If you just started working at home and are finding it difficult to self-motivate, here are 10 tips that can help you discover that motivation.

Self Motivation Starts With The Beginning of the day

The beginning of the day is the most important part of the day when it comes to finding self-motivation. Your day should always start by getting up early.

When you get up early, you have more time, you are more mentally prepared for work even if you are working from home. If you wake up late, you are often more sluggish and not as motivated to start work.

In addition to getting up early, you should also consider morning exercises such as a run or Yoga.

You should also drink a cup or two of water and eat a healthy breakfast. When you start your day with a healthy diet you will feel energized throughout the day.

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Schedule What You Have to Do

When you have a schedule, you are more prepared for the day. You are more mentally prepared for what you have to. 

A schedule also keeps you on track and accountable for your actions. In a way, you are guided by the schedule. You know what phone calls you have to make, what deadlines you have to meet, and what else you need to accomplish. 

A schedule also makes you your own boss. It makes you accountable to yourself and self-motivates you to take action on what you need to accomplish in a day. 

Exercise Throughout The Day

Exercise helps blood flow throughout the body and to the brain. It helps you focus on what you need to get done. 

Some exercises to consider are running, bicycling, weights, jump roping, or some other activity that improves your strength and your cardiovascular system. 

When you exercise at the start of your day or as a break in the middle of your day, you will find more energy to self-motivate.

Take Mental Breaks

While it’s a good idea to have a schedule and stay as focused as you can on your work, it’s important to take mental breaks. Everyone needs a mental break. These kinds of breaks help you to focus on something. 

A mental break can be as simple as scrolling through social media. Sitting outside and enjoining nature. The overall point of a mental break is to help you reenergize on the day ahead.

Read a Book

Reading a book is a way of self-reflection and you are learning something new. You can find inspiration when you read a book that can help you self-motivated. 

Reading a book is another form of taking a mental break. You are learning how to self-motivate by reading about others. 


Another way to self-motivate is to meditate. It helps you focus on yourself. You can find inner peace by meditating. 

Mediating helps the mind relax and focus on one’s self. It also helps you re-energize and focus on what’s important. 

Go for a Walk

Going for a walk is a way to take in nature. It can help you figure out what you need to get done. It’s a way to observe things and around you and let your mind figure out what you need to do in order to self-motivate.

Track Progress

You should also track your progress if you’re working from home. One of the ways to track your progress is to set tasks and finish them before a deadline. 

You can also install software that tracks when you are working. You can manually stop and start the time when you take a break, going on social media, or do something that’s not considered working. 

Overall, when you track your progress, you are making yourself accountable for working at home and getting your tasks accomplished. It’s a way to self-motivate and ensures you complete everything. 

Celebrate The Little Things

If self-motivating stems from your own motivation and your own encouragement, then you have to celebrate your successes. 

Celebrate finishing every task and doing it on time. Don’t just celebrate the major accomplishments, you should find solace in accomplishing the little things. 

You can also read about daily mindful practice in our blog that helps you find ways to relax and self-motivated. 

Challenge Yourself

The final way to self-motivate is to challenge yourself. If you find your tasks are too easy and you are don’t have enough in your life to challenge yourself, then find ways to make it more challenging. 

Get up earlier in the morning to exercise or try exercising twice a day. Another way to challenge yourself is to set a task to finish everything before the expected deadline. 

When you challenge yourself, you are motivating yourself to accomplish something you created and believe you can succeed.  

Why You Need Self-Motivation If You Work From Home

Finding a routine and the self-motivation to accomplish everything you need to do to work at home can be difficult. But that’s why these ten tips can help you. They can help you create a schedule and self-motivate yourself.

When you do find self-motivation, you can easily work from home. You have the energy and the discipline to accomplish everything you need to get done. You also have found what self-motivates that extends beyond your work.

When working from home, the hardest part can be staying on task, especially when the world around you holds so many distractions. What are the biggest drains to motivation? What are your favorite ways to get back into the work mindset when you’re getting burned out?

Check out our video course on Udemy called The Work From Home Professional that will help you stay productive and motivated while working from home. 

What are your best tips & tricks to stay productive while working from home? Let us know below.

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Why You Need Self-Motivation If You Work From Home

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