Confidence is the single most important trait that any person should cultivate. It’s also one the hardest to master.

What makes finding confidence so tricky? Are we so blind to our own abilities? Are we listening too much to negative self-talk, or worse, the criticism of others?

Honestly, those are all the surface issues, the impediments to confidence. The true test of how you feel about yourself and how you express these feelings to the world lie in your ability to be humble.

Actually, the real power of being humble lies in the confidence it builds.

Here are 20 tips to be more humble while building self confidence.


Tip #1: Look For The Good In Others

Tip #2: Give Sincere Compliments

Tip #3: Be Quick To Admit Your Mistakes

Tip #4: Apologize When You Are Wrong

Tip #5: Accept And Acknowledge Your Limitation

Tip #6: Recognize Your Own Faults First

Tip #7: Let Everyone Have a Chance To Talk

Tip #8: Don’t Steal The Shine From Others

Tip #9: Appreciate The Success of Your Loved Ones

Tip #10: Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

Tip #11: Don’t Boast About What You Have

Tip #12: Ask People For Feedback

Tip #13: Focus On Your Own Affairs

Tip #14: Deal With Small Irritations in Good Humor

Tip #15: Care Less About Impressing Others

Tip #16: Learn To Accept Criticism With Grace 

Tip #17:  Be More Present In The Moment

Tip #18:  Try Putting Someone Else First

Tip #19:  Spend More Time Helping People

Tip #20:  Be Happy, Healthy, Helping & Humble

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