3 Reasons Why Family Gatherings Are More Important Than You Think

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We all have a plethora of activities we could engage in our spare time. In fact, some of us are so busy that spare time seems like a misnomer. However, for others, they have to choose if they want to watch Netflix, do exercise, or be social with their time off of work and responsibilities.

I wanted to share a bit of my experience with time off. I find that I can benefit greatly from Sunday family time. It was a tradition that started early on in my childhood. We would all gather in the car and go off to my grandparents for a Sunday dinner. I just remember warm memories there as well as great food. Grandparents always make the best spreads.

Your Kids Will Learn New Words

There are so many benefits to having family time on Sundays. Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, a professional psychologist, points to some of these advantages. She says that when multiple generations get together, it actually increases the vocabulary of a child as well as one’s motivation to do well in school.

They’ll Stay Healthy As They Grow

Other experts back up the same notions. Ph.D. therapist Annie Fishel also claims that these family gatherings are crucial. They can help children do better in school, which is exactly what Dr. Lapointe corroborated. Additionally, kids that get together with family have fewer problems with substance abuse, anxiety, obesity, and depression. This is certainly a long list of positive effects.

You Experience Wellness & Wellbeing Overtime

As I got older, my life did get more hectic. However, I always made time for family on Sundays. The laughter that I experienced during these times carried me through. It was quintessential to my well being.

 What I am proposing is that we still make time to get together with our family members. It can increase our well-being. It can even improve our cardiovascular health. Families have a lot to give each other, so hopefully, society can continue to value this special group.

Do you often gather your family members? Why, why not? Let us know!

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