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What is it the successful people have that you don’t?

No, we’re not talking about a high bank account balance or a fancy car, though, success does have its perks. Instead, what we’re talking about is high self-worth. When you believe in yourself, honestly, there is nothing you cannot do.

People with high self-worth and self-belief understand this. They understand a few other things too, which we would all do well to remember.

They Value Their Boundaries

Rather than get caught up into a world of people-pleasing, someone with high self-worth values their time and space.

They set boundaries to protect this. They’re not so worried what somebody else thinks that they’re going to cave in and give up their time for something they don’t believe in.

They Do What They Love

There is nothing more soul-sucking than a job you hate. Someone with high self-worth isn’t about to put themselves through that kind of misery.

If they are in a job they dislike, they look for strategies to get themselves out of it. They continue their education, they look for opportunities, they network, and they do what’s necessary to put themselves right where they want to be.

They Believe in Something Bigger

People with high self-worth realize that they are not the center of the universe. Rather than acting with their own goals at the heart of every action, they see the bigger picture.

They look for ways in which their dreams fit in with a higher calling and tend to believe in something bigger than themselves. This is more than a religious experience, though their higher power might be involved. This is about recognizing where you fit and being happy in your place in the universe.

They Know Gratitude Matters

It seems such a small thing to be able to say ‘thank you’. But every time you express gratitude, you acknowledge someone thought well enough of you to go out of their way on your behalf.

To a person with high self-worth, they recognize these connections easily and know the very act of saying ‘thank you’ boosts the self-worth of someone else as well as their own.

Only Their Narrative Truly Counts

When someone has high self-worth, they realize just how much they are in control of their destiny. If they don’t feel good about themselves, they understand that it’s because of something they are not doing for themselves.

There is no room for being a victim when you want to improve your self-worth. This is about taking control of the narrative and writing your own story.


Remember, people with high self-worth have a powerful sense of awareness of their goals and motivations. This attention to themselves helps them to create in themselves the person they wish to become.

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5 Things People with High Self-Worth Understand