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5 Virtual Meeting Tips To Avoid Being Exposed On Zoom

Don’t become a #ZoomFail. Nobody wants to see you in in your underwear! It sounds funny.. until it happens to you. Download and share this humorous but helpful presentation to help your coworkers stay professional in a virtual world.


Check your surroundings

Are there empty wine bottles, messy beds, or otherwise not-safe-for-work things in the background? Clean it up! When in doubt, position yourself in front of a blank wall.


Please stay muted

And that goes DOUBLE if you’re trash-talking the presenter, slurping on coffee, or if you have loud kids/pets in the background. Keep the meeting focus on the actual meeting, not your comments or any background noise.


Dress somewhat normally

We aren’t saying that you have to wear real pants or a suit, but don’t show up in a button-down shirt and tighty-white-ies. What if you accidentally stand up?! #Mortified.

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How To Avoid Exposing Yourself On Zoom

Eat before you meet

Have you ever wanted to stare at someone inhaling a sandwich on a video call? Sorry but your coworkers don’t want to see that either. If you have a lunchtime meeting, snack on a granola bar beforehand.

Always test your tech

We know technical glitches happen. But they still make you look unprofessional and derail the meeting. Check your wifi, microphone and video way before your meeting so you aren’t holding everyone up with a tech problem.