6 Steps To More Powerful Journaling

Keep Your Journal On You

When it comes to journaling, one of the single best steps you can take is to keep your journal with you as much as possible. You never know where inspiration will strike. This is very easy to do if you use an online tool like Evernote.

Find Your Best Time For Journaling

All of us are different. We will each find journaling easier and more enjoyable at different times. If you keep a journal with you, you will naturally figure out when your most productive and enjoyable journaling hours are.

Schedule Journaling Into Your Day

Once you know your best journaling times, you can go ahead and schedule time right into your day. This way you won’t have any excuses about lack of time or forgetting to journal.

Create a Relaxing Journaling Routine

People often thrive when they create easily repeatable routines. Journaling should be no different.
Make sure your journaling space works for you and take time to create the right ambience with lighting, music, etc…

Don’t Over-Edit Your Work

No one is grading your journal, so don’t act like it. Don’t overthink about what you want to write. Don’t be nervous about what people will think. Don’t needlessly go over what you have already wrote. You edit a college essay, not your journal.

Commit to Consistency

Journaling is only a powerful tool in your life if you commit to it. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over missing a day here and there, but you should strive to be consistent. You will only reap the benefits of journaling if you commit to consistency.

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