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Our Lives and Psychology

When it comes to your life, you don’t want to leave a lot to chance. I mean, sure you want to make room for serendipitous discoveries here and there. However, when it comes to life plans, you should glean from the experts. One space that humans have, a frontier if you will, is the psychological component of their lives.

We might think that we are immune to needing psychological help, but we are not. Even if we don’t acknowledge the psychological sphere, it still exists.

Why Audio books Work

Audio books that are on psychology can find you when you’re least busy. You just need to pop in a CD when you are driving. Or, you can listen to them at home while you are doing chores.

These psychological boosters from an audio book library that specializes in self-help will aid you in your daily life. You can find the best audio books for your situation and start to work on your self-improvement.

Where We All Fall Short

Most of us don’t make our mental health self care enough of a priority. When we have an obvious physical problem, we will go to a family doctor. Similarly, when we have mental health symptoms, we book in to see the psychiatrist. Sometimes we are more willing to take a pill than to also look at the psychological side of the issue.

In our world of multi-dimensional aspects, we can be blinded by all the distractions. We see the immediate and we focus on that. Also, we look at our lives and take a reactive approach. A reactive approach will never get you to where you need to be in life. The problem with reactive living is that you might not be trained to make the right reactions. This means that you are also inviting others around you to take the reactive posture.

Reactive living is no way to go through life. You will always feel out of control if you are reacting. I’ve seen many people who react to other people’s reacting. It’s a vicious cycle. People can begin to feel a bit primal if all they do is continually try to take care of their basic needs. It doesn’t leave room for hopes and dreams. Trust me, you don’t want to react to life or allow others around you to just react. The instinctual responses of panic and fear rarely lead to well thought out decisions.

Why We Call it “Giant Self”

The best web site for audio books is called “Giant Self.” It’s a great place to begin your journey down more planned out living. You wouldn’t just toss a coin and then see where it lands for major life decisions. This should be the same with your mental health. You don’t want to just see what kind of reaction that you have that day and then you are stuck with that decision for years to come. It’s not healthy.

These tools stay with you in your toolbox. You will gain a wider breadth of what it is that you need to work on by looking at our selection. There might be trouble brewing for you under the surface but with the right tool, you can overcome it. Giant Self audio books also come with workbooks and physical e-copies of the text. This means that you can go back over relevant areas for your studies. The workbooks will help you absorb the materials and add in your own reflections.

Audio books And Your World

The audio book world is one where you can find yourself relaxing as well as learning. Audio books take the pressure off of finding a quiet nook to read a book in. They are loud and they fit with the chaos that is modern life. You can read them while you also take on other tasks. Alternatively, you can lie down and close your eyes and just absorb the words. Either approach might work for you, but you have options with audio books. You don’t have to be waiting to get up the motivation to crack open a book. You simply press play here and there anytime you have a spare moment.

Some people love the audio book approach because they feel like they have their own personal professor. In some senses, they very well do. The person is talking to them and teaching them the material. It’s a relaxed approach that is also interpersonal. It takes less work to listen than to read. So when you do listen, you can view it more as a passive process where the teacher is doing the work and you as the student are absorbing it.

You may remember your university lectures fondly. You would look over and see the guy next to you doing something else. It could be distracting if you focus on this person. Thankfully, you are in a one-person classroom with no one around you to intercept your learning with their annoying habits. What works for you for listening to audio books might not work for the next person. You want to find an individualized response and interaction with the material. You might like to take notes, or you might find you absorb enough from listening. You can also go over the material in printed version later.

What Kind of Topics are Touched Upon?

Giant Self has many different subject areas. Some of them are more intellectual than just controlling your emotions. There are books on creativity and critical thinking. You will also find that you can get advice on networking and relationships. There is the self-help that is individualized and the kind that you will try out when you are in the greater community.

There are so many different topics that you can get out of Giant Self. It’s difficult to summarize all the concepts covered. There are 100+ selections, so there is a vast amount of material to choose from. It can keep you busy for quite a while. If you want to learn more on a topic, there are many audio articles. These packs are a great value and can give you an in-depth look at a topic.

Personal Motivation is Vital

You may have been the type of person who got a Christmas gift that was a book. You were thankful, but then you put it in a corner. It is tempting to dismiss the gift as a kind but misguided gesture. It’s true that the type of book that someone picks out for you can say a lot about what they think of you. However, if you turn it around, it’s a gesture that shows they think you’re the type of person willing to open your mind. This is really what learning is all about. You need to open your mind first in order to expand your horizons.

How much personal motivation you have will always be critical to whether or not you actually press that “play” button. It’s still an action, and you can choose to never start. However, you might want to try to picture yourself in five years with the same problems as today. Maybe you can fast forward your life to a decade from now and visualize what it will be like if you still have these current issues.

It’s no way to be to never get self-help because chances are, no one is going to come by in life and save you. The best love stories tend to be those people that have already done work to get themselves in a direction. If you want to be a doctor, you don’t just dream of university for ten years. You enroll in school and you spend those ten years studying. Similarly, if you want to be feeling a certain way in ten years, you shouldn’t just close your eyes and hope for the best. You should pick up the material needed to get you there and make it happen.

Why Does the Work Today Count for Tomorrow?

Your work today absolutely does count for something tomorrow. You can give yourself self-help if you’re willing to listen. Our own solutions can fall short. If you want to be the type of person who is always learning from one’s experiences, then you don’t need to work. You can just learn the lessons. However, those lessons can be brutal. A wise person would instead use forethought as a technique to avoid unpleasant consequences.

You are working on your future and that forethought by building the mental muscles now. You won’t need to just rely on resilience later. Resilience is a great tool but it is better suited to children who do not know how to react to life. They go through it like victims in some senses, learning how to spin their lot into an impetus that moves them forward. Kids also have a lot of energy.

Adults, on the other hand, have less of that energy. However, what they lack up for in brute vitality they make up for in resolve and intellect. You need to work on learning how to deal with life’s calamities before they occur. I can guarantee you that you will come up with a better result after your education.

A Story

We always like a good story. This one is about a girl who decided to stop planning for the future. She decided that she didn’t like the regulations that going to a top university at 18 for a professional degree put on her. After her first year, she went and volunteered abroad. Then she worked abroad. Then she went back to school and fell in with a bad crowd.

She had to leave and went home and worked. Then she had another opportunity for school at a second rate university, and she went back. All in all, she graduated. However, looking back, she realized that starting out younger would have given her more momentum. She realized that if she had invested herself in staying on a course, she could have had a better outcome.

This story is kind of like the story of all of our lives. We go along and there are milestones. We can passively wait for them, which can lead to some patchy results. Alternatively, we can prepare for situations, such as reading about optimism and then use our tools to change our lives.

The best result for helping yourself is a planned out course. You shouldn’t wait for life to reinforce the universal truths to you, like doing your degree all at once is the best choice or that bad friends can throw you off track. If you choose to adopt wisdom, you won’t be confused about the right decision or be easily manipulated.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered a lot in this article. We definitely have a motivation to see you as a happy and healthy person. So, it’s true, we’re as biased as that person who bought you a book for Christmas. However, it comes from a good place because empowering you is also our passion. We have derived a lot of joy in compiling the type of materials that can change a person’s life.

Ultimately, you will want to ensure that you take a look at audio books as a new way to learn. These are the best audio books out there when it comes to self-help. You may not be the type of person who has the money to sit in a psychologist’s office, but you can invest in at least one audio book. It will go further for your future than a meal or drinks out with friends.

Giant Self is here for you as an audio book library. Your self-improvement journey starts here and it can start today. For all of the great titles, visit:

You deserve to feel prepared as you step into the future!

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