🎧 The Power Of Journaling

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One of the most powerful self-care steps you can take is to embrace the art of journaling.

“You must remember that your story matters. What you write has the power to save a life, sometimes that life is your own.”
― Stalina Goodwin

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How Journaling Helps Reduce and Manage Stress_bullet_journal

How Journaling Helps Reduce and Manage Stress (4 Simple Tips)

Sometimes our level of stress can tip over into anxiety and lead to all sorts of problems, and you need to work out how best to deal with it. Journaling is an increasingly popular and effective way of managing your day-to-day stress levels.

5 Bullet Journal Basics to Make It Easy for Everyone_journaling_bullet_journal

5 Bullet Journal Basics to Make It Easy for Everyone

You’ve probably heard about bullet journaling, but maybe not been quite sure if it’s right for you. Keeping a bullet journal can make your life more organized, more efficient and more fun. Here are 5 basic tips to help get you started. Don’t go overboard Bullet journaling can […]

4 Ways You Can Use a Journal for Professional Development_journaling_bullet_journal

4 Ways You Can Use a Journal for Professional Development

You probably already have a work notebook for things like task lists or meeting notes. Consider using journaling as part of your everyday work life for professional development as well.
Here are some suggestions to get you started.

5 Ways a Journal Can Jumpstart Your Creativity

5 Ways a Journal Can Jumpstart Your Creativity

It can be very instructive to read the journals of writers, artist, and actors and get an insight into how they used journaling to grow and develop in their field. Here are five ways keeping a journal can enhance your creativity.

5 Easy Steps to Starting a Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal will allow you to capture the essence of your dreams and maybe see patterns in the messages coming from your subconscious. Here are 5 easy steps you can take to start keeping a record of your dreams.

How To Make Your Own Journal Jar

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of journaling. You may have even bought yourself a beautiful journal, all ready to get going. But maybe it’s hard to start. Perhaps it’s hard to think of what to write…

5 Surprising Benefits of Journaling_self_development_witing_creativity

5 Surprising Benefits of Journaling

There are many ways to keep a journal. You can record the events of your days, plan a vacation, analyze your dreams or use a bullet journal to organize your life. Journaling can help you capture your thoughts or plot out your career.


4 Reasons Why You Should Doodle in Your Journal

You might think doodling is just something you do when you’re on the phone, or if you’re bored in meetings. After all you hardly even think about it, you do it.
But the latest research has found that doodling is a powerful tool for increasing your creativity, focus, and cognitive capacity.


4 Journal Prompts to Help You Discover Your True Self

Keeping a journal can be one of the most powerful tools for working through issues, unburdening your problems and connecting with your inner self. Journaling can help quell those loud outsiders and focus on what’s important. You. Here are 4 prompts to help you get started.


4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Dream Journal

Dreams are more than just your brain’s reruns from the day or for swapping weird dream stories with your friends and colleagues. Dreams can be powerful messages about problems or stresses in your life. Here are 4 reasons why you should start a dream journal.

6 Steps To More Powerful Journaling

Journaling is only a powerful tool in your life if you commit to it. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over missing a day here and there, but you should strive to be consistent. You will only reap the benefits of journaling if you commit to consistency.