šŸ§  Brain Teaser Giveaway Contest

How many squares
End of contest: January 31st 2021

Hi! Ashley & Adel here.

Welcome to our šŸ§  Brain Teaser Giveaway Contest!

Here are the extra steps you can take:

  1. Vote for the best audiobook service
  2. JoinĀ Ashley’s favorite beauty shop’s NewsletterĀ (500+ brands available)
  3. Sign up for Adel’s favorite lingerie shop’s NewsletterĀ (and enter for your chance to win a $50 gift card!)
  4. Take thisĀ brain health assessment testĀ and let me know about your brain type
  5. Join our favoriteĀ onlineĀ Yoga platform’s Newsletter
  6. Take your chance atĀ OmazeĀ (raising money for charity)
  7. Start collecting LifePoints
  8. Get a healthy skin (thanks to our dermatologists).

You can take one step per day and send us 8 emails during theĀ coming week.

Submit the extra step(s) you took and your answer by sending an email to: contest@mydailyselfimprovement.com.

Please add a screenshot if possible!

You can also fill in the form below.