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4 Ways You Can Use a Journal for Professional Development_journaling_bullet_journal

4 Ways You Can Use a Journal for Professional Development

You probably already have a work notebook for things like task lists or meeting notes. Consider using journaling as part of your everyday work life for professional development as well.
Here are some suggestions to get you started.

How To Make Your Own Journal Jar

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of journaling. You may have even bought yourself a beautiful journal, all ready to get going. But maybe it’s hard to start. Perhaps it’s hard to think of what to write…

5 Surprising Benefits of Journaling_self_development_witing_creativity

5 Surprising Benefits of Journaling

There are many ways to keep a journal. You can record the events of your days, plan a vacation, analyze your dreams or use a bullet journal to organize your life. Journaling can help you capture your thoughts or plot out your career.