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10 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated to Have Your Best Year Ever While Having Fun

It’s easy to be enthusiastic while the confetti is still flying and “Happy New Year” still rings in your ears.
But once January is nearly gone, those goals you set may start to lose their shine.
It might take a little positive input from you to stay on track for that “Best Year Ever.”

Here are some quick tips to help keep you motivated.

Find your reason for your Best Year Ever

If what you’re trying to accomplish has become a drag, it’s time to reassess the reasons behind why you’re doing it. Any time you see something like a ‘chore’ you’re going to find a natural inclination to drag your feet. How can we get that initial enthusiasm back?

• Remind yourself of the reward for doing this.
• Keep in mind that you’re improving yourself by learning something new.
• Hold onto that feeling of accomplishment.
• Realize that what you’re doing is just one more piece of the puzzle. Each step you take is one step closer toward that big picture goal.

Find the Fun

Anytime we’re enjoying what we’re doing, time flies. By finding the fun in your goals, you’ll keep your energy high.

But what can we do to keep things fun, when quite frankly, they’re not?
• Look for ways to enjoy the task. Is there some part of what you’re doing that you like?
• Find ways to make the task fun for those around you.
• Tell yourself that it IS fun – by ‘acting as if’ you’ll find your attitude shifting towards the more positive emotions.

Find a new way to go about it

When something isn’t working, it might be because you’re taking the wrong approach. Rather than feeling like a failure, take a step back and see if there’s another angle you can try. Thinking outside the box might be just what you need to get back on track. You can fuel those positive feelings.

Find your progress

It might be that you’ve lost enthusiasm because you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. Take time to assess the situation. What have you accomplished so far? Where were you at this time last week? Last month? Or even last year? Take a long hard look at where you’ve been, and the progress will jump out at you. You’ve come a lot further than you think!

👉 Watch This Motivational YouTube Video About Consistency

Find your reward

When all else fails, a little ‘bribery’ goes a long way toward getting back in motion when you’ve stalled out. Use a small system of rewards for those milestone moments. That little piece of chocolate at the end of that spreadsheet or a quick walk in the sunshine after a tough business call will create a real rush that then translates right back into your goal.

Keeping your motivation high will not only keep you on track for your best year ever but will impact you in positive ways throughout the year.

Actually we don’t need to create a great big plan to have that best Year ever.

Believe it or not, that amazing year will find you if all you do are the following simple things.

Start the day on the right foot

Get up early and take a little ‘you’ time. Read, spend time in prayer or reflection, journal, exercise, or otherwise set your day off on a positive note. Add to that a healthy breakfast, and you’ll meet the day full of positive energy.

Smile more

By smiling at those around us, we convey contentment with the world, and that becomes contagious. What’s even better, is the knowledge that when your smile spreads to someone else, that smile, in turn, spreads further still. Like ripples in a pond, the effect of one action will go on to impact people you’ve never had contact with or met. That’s a lot of payoff for a straightforward act.

Keep your promises

This one seems so simple as to go without saying. By keeping your promises, you assure the people you make those promises to that you’re not only a person of integrity – but that they are an important enough figure in your life to be worthy of that attention. That goes on to impact their future interactions with you.

Remember your manners

Like smiling, just saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ like taught to you as a child, has a positive impact that rubs off on others. These phrases show an awareness of your impact on the world. By being intentional even in small things like manners, you’re saying that the person you’re speaking to matters.

End the day on a good note

Reflect on your day using this accountability app for instance.

What were five positive things that happened in the day? Journal your response. Then jot down a quick summary of what you’re like to accomplish tomorrow. That sets you up for continued success moving forward. Then pat yourself on the back. You’ve had another great day. Relax, watch TV, read a book, take a bubble bath and allow yourself the luxury of unwinding. Sleep well, for tomorrow is another day.

While these things seem small, it’s the tiny changes that add up and combine to create lasting change.

The fun part? By spreading little bits of positivity around – not just in your life, but in extending it to those around you, you start to create a more favorable environment in which to live and work.

You can’t help but have a great year under those circumstances – and the same goes for the people around you. That means it’s not just your Best Year Ever that’s about to happen – but theirs too.

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10 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated to Have Your Best Year Ever While Having Fun