6 Reasons Why Creative Thinking is Important To Your Life and Business

Creative thinking or innovative thinking is about thinking outside of the box to solve everyday problems, situations, or things. It’s about developing new ideas, methods, or strategies that provide value in some way.

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Dream. Plan. Do.

If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary “The Creative Brain” by neuroscientist David Eagleman, I recommend you do so when you have 90 minutes to spare. David has interviewed several accomplished professionals to unravel the creative process, and encourage all of us to be more creative.

Michelle Khine, a nanotechnologist, was literally able to save her career thanks to a brilliant idea she had. Her desperation forced her to become creative.

According to Nathan Myhrvold creativity is about “taking ideas from one place and applying them to another place”. But creators need to have the appropriate environment otherwise new ideas won’t flow.

Even in prison, writer Zachary Lazar found a way to nurture pensionaries’ creativeness. It has to deal with writing… Remember the article we published about the power of journaling and its benefits? “When I write, I’m able to put things in order” says a 60-year old lady. As a matter of fact prisoners who take part in creativity-based programs, are up to 80% less likely to reoffend.

Creativity is beneficial to every part of life, no matter how personal or professional. As time goes on and technology advances, new scientific discoveries are made, and other crises arise, innovation is vital for survival.

Creative Thinking Solves Problems and Provides Value

Creativity equals value. It is about making the world a better place and solving problems, inventing new things and strategies that make people and the world happier or better.

Provides an Opportunity to Better Connect Within Your Industry

Creative thinking is a way to connect with the world and to provide peace and prosperity all around. When you create something new and solve problems, it brings the world together positively.

The best feeling in this world is getting paid to do what you love.

Allows You to Live A More Fulfilling Life

Without thinking creatively, there would be no internet, cell phones, or other technology that has dramatically benefited your life. These things enable you to explore the world without leaving your home, a luxury your great-grandparents never even dreamed of. In learning more and making progress, you are increasing your ability to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Gives A Competitive Edge

Creative thinking inspires the industry to do different things to combat the same problem or idea – providing a competitive edge to the market. Without creativity, you would likely see many of the same products and problems being solved the same way. Just because there already is a solution doesn’t mean there can’t be a better one that provides even more value to the world.

7 Character Traits of Creative People

Increases Productivity

Creative thinking is about doing something different which inspires productivity. Without productivity, you can’t have creativity. Creativity requires movement, change, and risk.

Develops New Jobs and Combats Automation

As technology advances, jobs will be replaced, and rightfully so as many jobs can be dangerous or too uncomfortable to perform. Innovation through creativity saves people from losing their incomes and combats this every day as automation replaces people’s jobs.

Many new jobs are being created, and twenty years from now, professions will exist beyond your wildest dreams. Just think of YouTube influencers, for example, a position once unheard of that millions depend on today.

In the end, if you think about it, without creative thinking, there would only be stagnation. People would fail to improve, and the world around them would crumble as they continue to ignore the signs that the earth is telling them to change their ways. Creative thinking prevents the world from getting behind and lost. It allows the world to thrive and provide instead.

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Does your job requires some creative thinking?

How do you tackle new challenges?

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6 Reasons Why Creative Thinking is Important To Your Life and Business

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