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How To Get Your Teen To Study And Follow Through

You can lead a teenager to the schoolbooks, but you can’t make them study. Or can you? As it turns out there are several strategies you can use to encourage your teen to study – in ways that will have them doing the work to succeed. Here’s how.

COVID-19 Disaster Loan Assistance for Small Business

As of 3/20/2020, most States and Counties have declared a state of emergency and requested federal assistance. Check out how to apply in this presentation.


10 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated to Have Your Best Year Ever While Having Fun

It’s easy to be enthusiastic while the confetti is still flying and “Happy New Year” still rings in your ears.
But once January is nearly gone, those goals you set may start to lose their shine. It might take a little positive input from you to stay on track for that “Best Year Ever.”

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