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8 Powerful Ways to Rebuild Self-Worth After Addiction Recovery

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You’ve been struggling with an addiction, and now you finally reached the point where you are recovering.
How awesome is that! You’re amazing. You probably don’t get told this enough, but you are.

But as good as you do right now, there’s still work to be done because we are creatures of habit. If we could set in thinking about ourselves a certain way, it’s tough to change.

It takes a lot of time and effort to retrain our brains, especially when we’re working to improve ourselves on any level.

It’s time to rebuild your self-worth after addiction recovery. It is not something that is going to happen by itself.
It would help if you were intentional in this stage of your recovery, making each of these steps is so very important.

Accept You Already Have Self-Worth

Self-worth isn’t some crazy goal you can’t even see from here. You already have value. What you did in your past doesn’t matter so much as what you’re doing with the future. Start from a place of knowing you have something to contribute to the world. You are a remarkable individual. It should be obvious.

Why you got this far, didn’t you?

Drop the Comparisons

The problem with making comparisons is we tend to compare our weakest points with somebody else’s strongest point. It’s like getting mad for not being a marathon runner when you’ve never run a day in your life.

If something isn’t your strength, it isn’t your strength. You can’t expect to become an expert overnight. It’s easy to think you’re not doing everything you should. There is always going to be someone who’s further along in their journey than you are.

You be you, exactly where you are right now. What anyone else is doing is none of your business and has nothing to do with you.

Do the Important Stuff

How are you doing?
Are you getting enough sleep?
Do you remember to eat the right things?
How about getting exercise?

Taking care of the basics will make the rest of this so much easier. Besides, when you take care of yourself, you remind yourself you’re worth it.

What About Goals?

It is helpful to have something to do. Rather than focusing entirely on your substance abuse problems, you need to look forward.
Set a goal. Nothing too big.
But something big enough to challenge you just a little bit, enough, so the accomplishment feels meaningful when you achieve it.
Every time you reach a goal, you’re going to feel pretty good about yourself, so this step is essential.

Find Someone to Share the Journey

Everything is harder when you try to do it by yourself. Open yourself up to the people around you who love you, and allow them to help you, benefits both them and you.

It feels good to help other people. It also feels pretty amazing to be helped. Accept you are worthy of being loved, and your feelings of self-worth will soar.

Give Back

When you volunteer, you are showing the world you are strong enough and confident enough to have something to contribute.

Also, volunteering gives you a chance to use your strengths to the benefit of others.
There is a multitude of ways to give back to the community. Making this part of your recovery is a powerful move.

Put Worry to Rest

We love it when other people have a high opinion of us. This becomes a problem when their opinion becomes higher than our own.
If you’re spending more time concerned about what someone else is thinking, you’re cutting yourself short.
Instead, focus on checking in every once in a while with those around you to see where you stand.

Then spend the rest of your time paying attention to doing the things which create more value and self-worth into your own life.

Understand No One is Watching

Sometimes we become self-conscious because we think everyone around us is watching us. We can even begin to think every move is under judgment. The truth is, very few people are paying attention.

And for those who are, do they matter? The only one who should be watching you is you.
What you think of your actions is what counts.


Lastly, it’s important to note if at any time you find yourself floundering, it’s OK to ask for help.
The journey to regain your self-worth can sometimes feel long and complicated.

Getting professional help might be just the boost you need to get yourself back on track.
Hang in there. You’ve got this!

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8 Powerful Ways to Rebuild Self-Worth After Addiction Recovery

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