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“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
― Mark Twain

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The Power Of Self-Discipline

This is an amazing package full of great information and tools for bettering your self-discipline. You get everything: the ebook, the video training, the audio book and much more!

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Power Life Script™

The Power Life Script™ program helps people manifest anything into their life that they desire. Period, Yes, anything. 🙂 By writing their own customized Power Life Script™ or using one of 40+ templates, they can use the power of auto-suggestion, repetition, emotional desire, and the Laws of the Universe to attract success.

A Million In A Month

This program helps people create and launch online programs based on proven models – anywhere in the world, from any background, whether they have ZERO experience, or are already an online business owner.

Included in the program is a complete “toolset” of mindset processes, program creation processes, program launch marketing strategies, and much more… designed to help people reach a very exciting goal: The possibility of earning a million in a month, as Peggy McColl and many others have done.

Manifest Your Dream Home

The Manifest Your Dream Home program helps people – anywhere in the world, from any background, whether they have ZERO money or an abundance, take the steps to purchase their own home of their dreams.

The New Author Programs

The New Author Programs help people – anywhere in the world, from any background, with any experience level – write a book, make it an Amazon Best-Seller, International Best-Seller, and/or New York Times Best-Seller, as well as establish a successful business with multiple income streams.

Magic in Your Mind

Magic In Your Mind is a remarkable program with three of the world’s best teachers: Sandy Gallagher, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. With this 6-week program, you’ll quickly see for yourself. You’ll not only feel like a new person, you’ll become a new person as you start to develop your higher faculties. If you’re serious about having a more successful, fulfilling and happier life, take action today!

Six Minutes To Success

Are your dreams and goals just slipping through your fingers? Would you like to create results that stick? Every morning, you’ll receive a brand new video from Bob Proctor on universal laws, money, health, relationships… anything that will help you enjoy greater success, health and happiness in your life. He’ll also challenge you with a short exercise to stir you into action and start developing habits that move you toward your goal.