The 7-Day Challenge

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The 7-day Challenge starts every 7th day of each month.
It’s free to enter, you just have to join our Facebook Group.

The 7-Day Challenge will help you:
– Understand what you really want
– Identify your highest priorities
– Define your goals more clearly
– Discover what next to do for success
– Build up courage to do as you wish
– Apply the first step toward your goals
– Achieve clarity of focus
– End procrastination
– Turn restlessness to calm
– Leave less to chance and luck
– Discover and attract fresh ideas
– Learn more about yourself
– Maximize time on what’s important
Plus, so much more…

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The purpose of self reflection is to expose things that might not always be in clear view. We become quite expert at keeping secrets from our conscious mind. Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge that you will ever acquire.

Questions are a powerful tool for opening up those areas we’ve been wanting to avoid. Once exposed, we can identify immediately where to begin work and start taking action towards positive change.

Join our Facebook Group and let’s get started on the 7th day of each month!

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winners of the 7-Day Challenge

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October 2019: Olga Lebedeva
November 2019: Ayat Machlab
December 2019: Beetse Helen

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January 2020: Moli Maguy

February 2020: Beetse Helen

January 2020:  You?